The Purpose

I believe IN purpose; that we are created with a purpose to do more than just exist, but to serve, lead and belong. I believe that my purpose for writing is to encourage someone who is weary, relieve someone who feels they are doing it alone, or lift up someone whose cross is too heavy to bear. I also believe that posting my thoughts publicly will open a door to who I am, what I think about and find encouragement through my vulnerability and authenticity. My hope is that this is a space where readers will find REAL content, unfiltered by the standards of social media, and unwavering in truth. I will talk about life and leadership; what I have learned thus far, and how I became the best version of myself. 

I also believe ON purpose. Meaning, I intentionally believe in something. Whether that is a living God, my children or that I will make a difference in this life, I ON purpose believe; not by accident or on a whim, but a conscious decision to utilize my faith.

Today, ask yourself...

Do you believe IN purpose? If so, do you know your purpose for your life? What have you chosen to believe ON purpose? Is it that you will get that job you so desperately need, that your marriage will make it or you will get that house you have been praying about? 

Let me leave you with this thought. The start to a better world, or a better life, or a better future is simply our belief that it is possible. I hope you can be inspired and affirmed, especially in difficult times. Be reminded that self-confidence can work wonders but mutual confidence can work miracles. No matter what kind of challenge lies before you if somebody believes in you and you believe in your dreams, it can happen. I BELIEVE IN YOU. 


“Everywhere we go things get better”