The Journey

Life is a journey. A journey worth living, exploring, and enjoying.  Every journey has seasons. Some good season some bad seasons. It’s all a part of the journey. I was once advised that you never enter a new season of life until you have learned all that you need for the next season. Every season builds upon the next. 

Lately it seems people are trying to escape seasons not recognizing seasons mature and grow. Nothing worse than stunted growth. I can remember when someone once told me coffee would stunt my growth. It may have considering I’m 5’11 since I was 17. Either way it was delicious. The point is, what hyper kid needs to drink coffee when he’s 7? It’s not like I needed any energy. So what was it? It was out of my season. Is coffe useful? Yes, in its season. I wanted to seem older, bigger, smarter as if drinking coffee would help me. Have you ever tried to plant something in the wrong season? It won’t work. Why, because seasons matter. In your life’s journey there will be excitement and fulfillment, boredom and routine and even the occasional train wreck. But when you have a dream that is bigger than you personally, that truly embodies all you are and that it will uplift others then you will always have a reason to keep going in your season. 

So how do you enjoy the journey? By understanding seasons. By being present in the moment while knowing the decisions you make are directing you to your future. By submerging into peoples lives, the good and the bad. To give until the stretch is a sacrifice. Find the things in life that pulls you out of your comfort zone to love, be brave, risk and serve. 

“Everywhere we go things get better”